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Since its inception in 2007, Orion City, named after the constellation, has sought to transform the scope of the built-to specification, cutting-edge, commercial and office infrastructure for the IT/BPM industry through its philosophy of combining innovative technology and international standards with a keen intuition for the needs of businesses. Orion City’s vast operational capabilities far exceed the mere provision of basic workplace infrastructure. The complex possesses the resources to manage all voice and data cabling, security and data centre services, campus-wide maintenance and all logistic necessities for tenants.


The Constellation Orion is a popular and prominent constituent of our galaxies, shining bright and clear at a distance of 736 light-years from our planet Earth. In the ancient world, the Babylonians called it 'the Heavenly Shepherd' and the Egyptians called it 'Sah'. The modern world calls it Orion.

Many moons ago, Orion, the hunter was said to have been placed among the stars as a constellation by the Greek God Zeus. The three celestial bodies that form the hunter’s ‘belt’ — Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka — are the inspiration behind the architecture at Orion Towers.

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Orion City follows the concept of the self-contained city, offering its tenants the possibility of growing their businesses by providing the best workspaces possible to the brightest and the best in the IT/BPM industry, along with modern conveniences for their daily routines.

Orion City seeks to nurture and uplift not only these business owners, but also the whole IT industry in Sri Lanka. The scalability of expanding one’s trade is the advantage we provide our tenants as they reach for the stars.

Orion City, which has been awarded the highly coveted Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Certification. LEED, the global monitoring authority on green building leadership, recognizes best in class building strategies and practices.


Orion City Colombo

Spread over 16 acres of prime real estate, this colossal complex is composed of 1,000,000 sq. ft. of developed space, 35 international companies and over 8,000 working personnel on-site.

The company offers a comprehensive solution for the infrastructure requirements of some of the top global players including Virtusa, IFS, WNS and Exetel and many more.

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